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Jul 13 / Kerri-Lynn

Personalized Medicine

Lately, I’ve been seeing a new type of patient in my practice.  These people are educated in “alternative” medicine.  They practice yoga, eat flax seeds, know how to pronounce “quinoa” and have researched their health concerns.  They are not looking for a list of supplements to take and have an understanding of how to eat and live healthily.

The big question is, “why do they seek my services?”  There are a few answers.  Many are experiencing aches and pains that no amount of exercise, yoga or meditation can help.  This is where osteopathy and acupuncture are beneficial.  Some have big stressors in their lives and need to talk in order to find their inner guidance.  This is where counseling, homeopathy, and energy work are beneficial.  Although mostly healthy, some have one nagging symptom that won’t resolve.  This is where finding the root cause of the disease, instead of just treating the symptoms, is beneficial. read more…