Restore Balance.

My goal is to help you connect the patterns of your lifestyle with the symptoms you are experiencing.  As we work together I can help you to feel better, guide you toward your health goals, and teach you how to prevent future health concerns.

Dr. Kerri-Lynn LaPointe, ND, DOMP



Osteopathy addresses the anatomy of the system – the structure and position of body parts. I use my hands to assess the quality of the tissues and gently treat the cause of the imbalance. I am facilitating your body’s natural ability to heal. This eliminates pain, restores mobility to joints, and ensures healthy organ function.

As the twig is bent,
so grows the tree.


– William Garner Sutherland


Naturopathy addresses the physiology of the system – how the body functions. Symptoms are messages from the body that there is a problem which needs to be addressed. When symptoms are ignored, the body creates more serious symptoms.  I use these clues to discover where the central imbalance lies, and focus on this area to restore health. To accomplish this goal I use a combination of homeopathy, herbs, supplements and nutritional/lifestyle counseling.

It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.


– Hippocrates


My belief is that Osteopathy and Naturopathic Medicine should not be practiced independently of each other. Since structure governs function, it is important to treat the position of the tissues with Osteopathy before addressing how they work with Naturopathy. This makes my practice truly unique, and allows me to treat effectively and efficiently in a way that few others are able to.


We begin with an Osteopathic intake and treatment to address your present health concerns. Further investigation occurs at your next visit with a Naturopathic intake. During this visit, Naturopathic treatment is provided. Subsequent visits are scheduled as Osteopathic or Naturopathic, depending on your needs.